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This is so cool and I am going to put this on my list to do for my space. What a beautiful way to display goals! Thanks Bonnie Rose for the idea and Aby for actualy thinking up this FAB idea period!
Materials for creating a goals board :
one piece of
homasote board. (mine is 2' x 3' ... I say go as big as your space can accommodate!) The link is for a dealer locater so you can find a homasote dealer near you. I highly recommend asking your dealer to cut the board to size ... since cutting this stuff makes the biggest mess you've ever seen. (Wish I had pictures of that!)
one piece of burlap sized approximately six inches larger (in both directions) than your homasote board. Check out
Hancock Fabrics for burlap.
house numbers — numerals 1 through 3 (This is optional, but great if you'll use your board as a priorities board.)
staple gun
safety goggles
images of your goals and priorities
All you have to do to complete the project is wrap the burlap around the pre-cut board. Staple the excess fabric to the back of the board to secure the burlap tightly in place. Then ... find compelling images of your goals and tack them up. Type your goals on the computer, print them, and post them on your board, too. Then each day, take action to work towards your goals!
the happy scrapper is loaded with ideas like this for creating an organized and inspiring scrap space. I hope you'll check it out!


  1. That is a cool idea!!! I Will have to check it out when I move. I can't wait to have a new scrap-room!


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