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Here is one of Synai's favorite things at the moment. I got a chance to take a quick picture of it before she ran away a few weekends ago. I think it will make a great lo for her book.Saadiq's favorite stuff animal is his "slowpoke" aka a sloth. He loves this beanie bay to death. My favorite stuffed animal when I was little was a white lamb. Mommy saved it for me and it even made it through the fire. Synai plays with it now on occasion. Aidan likes it as well. LOL Hopefully I can do the same for them to pass on to their children. Brigittee's favorite item as a child was her Teddy Ruxbin. She loved that bear. Oh the memories.... I still have posessions that I love more than others. I think it is human nature to have favorites.Some of my current favorite things are:
-CROCS (have to be the most comfortable shoe in the world)
-Armani Mania lotion
-using ribbon on my los
-Chipboard letters and shapes for scrapping
-TiVo ( I don't know how we made it before...)
-Scrapbooks etc. magazine
-long sleeve t-shirts


  1. I love this entry! My girls have their favourite things and, of course, we all do!
    M'Kayla's favourites are her "pee-pah's" (pink blankets) and her stuffed Lion "Rory". He's a Ty Beanie baby but one of the bigger ones. She's had him for years and he goes EVERYWHERE we go and so do her Pee-Pah's)
    Ellie's is a white (not so white anymore) bear named "Beah". She has had him since birth and he goes everywhere she goes. It's an odd moment when the girls don't have their 'lovies' with them.
    Omg..so yet another thing we have in common CROCS! I have had mine for 3 years now and I wouldn't part with them for ANYTHING! My girls have their own pink ones too! They are ULTRA comfortable!
    Hmm what else...
    *So Sexy shampoo from Victoria's Secret
    *My Mini-Van
    *Satellite Radio
    *My hoard of Scrap ribbon and supplies
    *My very favourite blanket on my bed. It's some sort of chamise type fabric and OMG I don't even share it with my hubby! HAHAH!!!
    Some things ya just GOTTA have!!!

  2. Sugralia11:09 AM

    I remember when Synai first got her giraffe; like all things she looked at it and went about her business-cant believe she finally settled with something that's not Saadiq's!! And we all know Slowpoke is one of the family members, he goes everywhere and does everything!! Miss u guys!!


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