good morning...

saadiq32906...hope you are having a great morning. So far mine is going great. I went to sleep early last night after hitting the gym. So I am energized! I am not going to fall off of the wagon this time. I hate it when I stop going to the gym. It makes you feel so good after working out. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by May 20th. There I said it out loud so now I am accountable. LOL Tonight I will go to Zumba which I love. The teacher is awesome and the dance moves are alot of fun. Here are some pics of Saadiq and Synai with their sleepy faces. LOL Saadiq is still sleep at 7:13am which is late for him. So I got a picture of him sleeping and then one of Synai with her classic sleepy face. LOL HAPPY HUMP DAY!synai32906


  1. Aunt B.G.10:47 AM

    I wonder is she's tired from her 1:30 A.M. singing performance? (I know she is, hence the sleepy face) She is a funny girl.

  2. i forgot about that when I posted. I am sure it is!

  3. Your babies are dolls!!
    Girl.. I hear you about the gym... I too, have fallen off the wagon and I'll take you up on your own challenge 10 pounds by May 20!
    Email me, I have kits for you. I totally got lost in my own shuffle of a house ( we're packing and moving) so I was late AGAIN with swaps ( *sigh* ) email me and tell me which girl groups you were in on Melissa's page kit swap. I was in all 3 girl groups.
    ~ Gabi


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