**EDITED***I think he cleans up really well. LOL...Off to the groomers to get Aiden a fresh cut. I hope it turns out great. *EDIT* this is the new cut but blogger is acting up so I cannot post the before picture. I am nervous since this is the first time he will be going to a professional groomer since he came home in September.
OK... i just got back from dropping him off and he was so yappie at first but then warmed up to the shampoo person. I hope he does a great job with the groomer. More importantly I hope she doesn't mess him up. I think I am just a nervous about his cut. I have 30 minutes left and he should be ready at 4pm. I think he cleans up well!


  1. I LOVE mini-schnauzers and think they are Adorable when they are grown out AND when they are fresh from the groomer.Their personality is the best! They are devilish yet snuggly. My aunt had one while we were growing up, his name was "GUS" and he was the cutest thing on 4 legs!
    Aiden, you are one cute boy!!!


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