Guaranteed Good Mood...

These things are guaranteed to put me in a good mood on any given day. <------Gerber Daisies or sweet peas in an arrangement on any day makes me very happy. I love the smell of fresh flowers in the house. Pattern papers for scrapbooking especially Basic Grey makes me happy. Who am I kidding all scrapbooking supplies put me in a good mood.But these are my favorite ----->

-Curling up on the sofa to look at my favorite shows with my sister which are mostly reality puts me into a good mood.
-Reading my scrappin' blogs. Love to see how these talented ladies think. They are so funny and cool.
-Going to the beach is the ultimate to me. Love being by the ocean getting rays and feeling the breeze.
-Thinking of the funny things my children do and their reaction to life events
-My children put in a good mood most of the time when they are not fighting over a toy or whining. LOL
-Making a Starbucks run
-Taking a nap
-Scrapbooking...just love the whole creative process and sharing memories


  1. We have a lot in common! We have to make some plans to meet up. I can see us hitting the scrap store, then Starbucks then the beach! Not necessarily in that order! LOL
    I, too, am a HUGE fan of Gerber Daisies. My favourite ones are the Deep red/orange ones mixed with true orange ones...sooo beautiful! I have several silk ones, but they don't compare to the real deal!


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