i *heart* chic bags...

I love this bag. Coach has done it again.I think the metallic bags are the new "black" handbag. It can go with everything. Just wanted to post some fashion today since the weather isn't much to talk about. I thought is was SPRING! It is cold and snowing outside.


  1. Man, I love Coach bags. I really liked that poppy bag they had out, but I just couldn't spend the almost $400. Plus it had white leather, and I'm really bad with keeping things clean.

    My current Coach bag has seen better days. I have my eye on a cute Dooney & Bourke one that's more in my price range.

  2. i know this bag is a bit pricey for me as well. but if it comes to the outlet it is mine. LOL

  3. Yet another thing we have in common. I am a Coach-a-holic. I love their style, colours , fabrics, patterns, accessories, everything!!! I don't love their prices though HAHAHAH!! like you said.. if it hits the outlet, it's fair game ;)!!


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