in love with my iBook so much that it is getting an upgrade. Can not wait to see the new possibilites of the upgrades to iphoto, garageband, itunes and more. I think I see podcast in my iblog future. Maybe some interviews with Saadiq. His little mind is growing so much it will be fun to let you all hear his thoughts and voice. But the feature that i am most excited about is the different effects to photos you can make with iphoto. Make that imovies and podcasts coming soon to my space here. OKAY.... Let the mailman stalking begin. LOL


  1. Yet another thing in common! We're both MAC BRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do we not ROCK?!?!?! WE ROCK!!!!!!
    ps - lemme know how ILife is... I haven't gotten it yet but I am, oh SO tempted!


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