I received this wonderful bunch of ribbon from Gabi yesterday. In case you are wondering what RAK means it is a random act of kindness. THANKS GABI!! This is my first scrapbook RAK and I am so thankful. I love ribbon and add it to almost anything that I am creating. I can't wait to put this ribbon to good use. It made my night and my sister thought it was the greates thing as well. So go spread some RAK's of your own. It will make someone's day.
Have a blessed weekend.


  1. hey Vee!
    You are SOOO welcome! I am a rak-a-holic! I am glad you like the ribbon! I got that and had more than enough to share! :) I am always popping little raks in the mail to brighten my friend's days!
    I have a great ribbon source if ya want it!! http://www.reasonableribbon.com
    yes.. I'm an enabler! ;) hee hee hee!!!!
    ~ XO ~


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