Spring Fever...

Here is to Spring just around the corner. I love sweet peas and wanted to infuse some spring into my post today. I finally decided to start a real blog for my family and friends to keep track of me. Actually...I really wanted to do it for me as well. After reading all these wonderful blogs the last couple of months, I thought hey I can do this as well. What a wonderful way to document your thoughts and life. I had a productive morning and was able to finish the cover of my NYC album. I will post a picture of it later tonight. I love it. Have a blessed and sunny day. Almost forgot...Synai went potty this morning by herself !! YAY But about five minutes later had an accident. One step forward and another back. LOL OH well she is catching on and she is two. Gotta run...


  1. Wow Vee. I am very impressed with your blogspot. I love the background and the pictures that you have posted on your blog page, not to mention your commentary. It reads like a daily diary. Anyways, keep up the good work and I will talk to you soon!!! Remember your famous quote, "this is a never ending process!" You should live by that because you truly create wonderful and unique scrapart. I say ART because that's what your finished product looks like. One of a kind!!!

  2. THANK YOU B- you have such a way with words. Made me smile so much. Love you! You are my first comment! WHOOOO HOOO

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hey Vee!!
    I sooo agree! It's spring and I am totally ready!
    YAY! doin' the happy dance for Synai!! When's her birthday? My Ellie is also 2. She turned 2 on Dec 22nd :)
    Have a good day!
    love ya

  4. OMG...Synai's birthday is Dec 30th. We have too much in common. LOL


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