This is how great I feel that I have one special event done and now own to planning the next one. I am burstinf with joy! The auction at Bracket Mania was a great success in part to wonderful sponsors. I had a great night and the athletes gave wonderful speeches. I am especially proud of Casey who spoke from her heart. She won over everyone in the audience and I was so proud of her.. However the mind can not go for too long without enough sleep. The last two nights I have slept very little with long hours at work. I am so sluggish and tired today. I haven't seen my sister B- or Edwin in two days. So we have lots to catch up on with good ole TiVo. CRAZY...but the good thing is that I will be off on Monday. So that means scrap scrap and more scrap. LOL


  1. Hey Vee!
    I was wondering how the auction turned out! I'm SOOOOOO Glad to hear it was such a success. I know you were working your tail off on it for a long time and I'm SO happy to know that the end result was SUCCESS!! Congratulations!! So now what's the next big project you'll be working on?


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