about ME...

2Peas blog challenge for Thursday. I decided t would try to be likeKelli Crowe and take a picture of myself in the mirror. I felt like being silly. But I like the affect. I want to do more of these and become better at taking more photos of myself. So here are some more lil' juicy tidbits about moi :)
1. My current favorite song: Temperature by Sean Paul
2. The last book I read: Babyville by Jane Green [fun read]
3. What I'm wearing right now: pj bottoms and a t-shirt
4. The last cd I bought: The Gospel soundtrack
5. The last gift I bought for someone: birthday gifts for Edwin


  1. Now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head. Again. ;-)

  2. Vee, you look like a 14 year old teenager in this picture!!! BABYFACE!!!
    Temperature is definitely HIGH on my favs list right now. It's always playing in my Ipod and it's stuck in my head!! Makes my girls bust out with a move or 2, too!!


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