Blogs I *heart*...

Here is my first attempt at playing with digi kits. I see why people like these now. I can do so much with it especially here. I am going to try and do some pics with the brushes...YIKES!!I hope it turns out ok. I need some help with a banner so if anyone can help me please send me an email. *wink* OK....on to my list of blogs I *heart* to read. Most of my favorites are on the right but here are some that aren't.
1. Kelli Crowe
[she is so creative and can Write in such a unique way. Fun to read}
2. Kelli Darr
[Another fun gal who is friends with Kelli Crowe]
3.My girl Gabi
[She is funny and love to read her blog!]
4. Ali Edwards
[so creative and inspirational]
5. Young Black and Fabulous
[This is one of B and mine favorite website. This chick has the 411 on everyone and she is so funny. Love to read what she is found out on our peeps].
6. Bonnie Rose
[A woman with a heart and creative soul of gold. Love to read her blog].


  1. Oh hey! Thanks for the shout out!
    I also read a few of those blogs (Bonnie Rose & Ali Edwards) I love to peek in and see which blogs people frequent. It gives a little more insight about what they like and who they are. I am one heck of a bloggin' fool!!!

  2. Oo hey is that Digi? Looks nice and crisp! I haven't tried the digi aspect yet, I am too addicted to hoarding my stuff! LOL!!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout. Stay fabulous!


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