bring spring inside...

I LOVE Spring. I know you are probably tired of hearing it but I do. I cut my tulips this morning from my flower bed and put them on the dining room table. I love the classic summer look of flowers in mason jars. I am ready for the summer. I want to go get some flowers this w/e to plant outside and some seeds for the flower garden out back. I will have to wait and see if the weather will be good.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS!!! I, too, love fresh flowers! Can't get enough of them! They look soooo beautiful and cheer up even the most gloomy of days!
    Girl, you and me both... I want Summer here so badly!! Today was VERY CLOSE though.. 83 degrees, bright sunshine and a breeze... the only thing missing was the beach!!

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Hi Vee, It's me...your secret pal! LOL Love the beautiful flowers! Awesome blogspot! Take care & talk soon.

  3. love your tulip bouquet! gorgeous!


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