guilty pleasure [supernatural]

B and I love this show!! It is a great show with some great comedic relief that only we get since we both have a unique since of humor. I love shows like this and was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. For those Grey's Anatomy fans... the actor that plays Denny is the father of Dean and Sam on this show. We made that connections last week after looking at this show all season. He cleans up good considering on GA he is knocking on death's door (need's a new heart).[love this show too and will have to invest in getting the first season on DVD to get all of the background info] hope it makes the cut since UPN and WB merged. These guys are so cute, so that doesn't hurt either. So at 9pm we have a date with these cuties. LOL


  1. Hey Vee!
    I haven't seen this one yet. I'll check it out.I am a HUGE Buffy and Angel fan! I even have everything on DVD and we watch a dvd almost every weekend!
    I LOVE 'Bones' Have you seen that yet? It's got David Boreanaz as one of the main characters and, honestly, he plays the part exactly like he played Angel.. it's SO GOOD!
    Hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND!!


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