hands [studio friday]

...Our hands might be rough, messy, big, soft or wrinkly. But what's most important, they are beautiful no matter what. The hand's anatomy boggles my mind the way it is such a fine tuned precise tool with all it's nerve and bones and fingerprints even. Amazing. ;-)

These are my hands in my studio. The second picture of hands are of me and my son. He is one of the reasons why I create. The other reason would not cooperate to take the photo. LOL


  1. i'm right there with you sister girl!!!!!

    how cute that you were trying to get your son to take this snap of both your hands...

    my husband was acting the fool when i finally got his cooperation to take a snap of our hands together...

    mary ann :)

  2. I loved your words about hands.I love hands. They are so full of character. I often take pictures of hands... other peoples hands. It's hard to get one of my own hands!

  3. great photo! and yes, hands are amazing...i always look at the lines:)

  4. Elegance in simplicity.

  5. ha! Leave it up to a 2 year old to assert her stubborn side!! Love the pic of yours and your son's hands together. That is a gorgeous photo and one you should frame and hang in your studio!
    All too often we forget to appreciate our most precious tools; our hands! We so SO MUCH with them yet give them little or no thought. I think today's entry for Studio Friday is a great tribute to recognise that which enables us to create! Have a great weekend! I look forward to next Friday's journey!!
    ~ Gabi

  6. such a sweet photo with your son's hands. i may have to try to get one of my own son later today - but he's nearly 2 and seems to have his own ideas about things already. thanks for the inspiration and sharing your lovely photo.

  7. Tag!! You're it!!!
    See my blog (April 15) for info!

  8. Cool pictures of your working hands.

    { Karin }

  9. I'm with you on all your thoughts about hands. Great photos!


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