HOT pants....

Here is my ds this morning in Synai's pant...WTF I don't know what he was thinking but he was giggling to high heaven and then started to scale the window to close it. The true boy in him coming out. LOL So funny being a mommy. By the way he just said these pants were longjohns. YAY...right Saadiq. LOL

Another lo from my NYC trip last summer. I finally used some of my Heidi Swapp masks. I love them and love they way taxi turned out on the page. I am on a roll with the album and hope to have it finished by the w/e


  1. Great page! True Diva!! ;)
    Good thing to showcase a page about a NYC Taxi Ride. Those who have experienced one, know EXACTLY what I mean!! HAHAHAH!!
    Next time you venture up to the Big Apple, gimme a holler! I am just a bus-ride away............
    ~ Gabi


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