i pick sparkle [studio friday]...

I love all things that sparkle. So it great to use diamond dust and gems on lo's. The names alone sounds elegant....so why not add that to the things you create.My favorites are Making Memories, Heidi Swappp and Karen Foster I think a little sparkle shoud go into everything you do including life. Life is so much better with a little bling bling in it. LOL


  1. Diamond dust is so pretty! I find myself swirling around the dish rather than actually applying it! It throws out some really neat colors if the light hits it just right.....
    "Life ain't no thing if ya don't go no bling!" ~ Gabi

  2. I need to start doing this...this one fits me and my rhinestone obsession, too! Love the ones you have. And diamond dust? I'll have to check that out!

  3. Is diamond dust like sugar dust? I have some of that and always save it for special occasions because it's hard for me to find. Just started using rhinestones in my creations...too fun! :)

  4. Love the Bling!
    And I am so glad I saw your page on Sat...I would have missed Hot Pants! Now that is too funny and cute!

  5. hehehe!! I knew I loved shimmery, glittery, shining things for more than art...it's for the bling!

  6. ah yes,,,,bling!! Love yours and love the hot pants!!


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