iTunes addiction....

I love being able to download whatever song whenever I want to. I can't wait to get an iPod to put my music on and take it with me. I wish the nano came in green.**wink** I have a varied list of artist in my library.What is in your library? Here is a list of what I am listening to most on iTunes...
1. Temperature~Sean Paul [listen to it 128 times] HAHAHA...this man is extra yummy
2. Gasolina~Daddy Yankee
3. Enough Cryin~Mary J. Blige
4. Say Somethin'~Mariah Carey
5. Since U Been Gone~Kelly Clarkson
6. Trippin~Toni Braxton


  1. Oooo~! Fun topic! In my Nano I have a big variety too. I have from Bing Crosby to Usher, Mary Jo Blige to Whitney, Carrie Underwood to Avril Lavigne. The list goes on and on! I have a lot of 'old school' on it too. Gets those memories crankin'!
    ~ Gabi


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