a nana's love

I just saw this picture in my snapfish account. I finally sent off the role from Synai's birthday party. I know I am so late when her birthday was in December. I was thrilled to see this pic with her and mommy. I love it and I cannot wait to scrap it. I should be getting the photos back soon.I know which paper I will be using for the lo too. EKKKKK...so excited. Now if I only can get a shot of Synai with the elusive Aunt B. LOL Before I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOHNNY...love you *wink* I made this card for you and hopefully you will get it tomorrow...Hopefully tonight I will be doing some scrapping since I haven't in a while. I am feeling creative all of a sudden. LOL Prison Break was so god last night. Love that show and all of the eye candy. I cannot believe it is almost Easter. When B (lil sis) told me that today I was shocked. Where does the time go. We will be hitting the road and visiting our peeps in South Carolina.


  1. Vee!
    The card you made for your Uncle Johnny turned out so nice! What a lovely sentiment! I am sure he'll love it!
    Hey! I have family in South Carolina too! Where abouts do your relatives live? Mine are in Aiken and in Charleston. Small world, eh?
    Have a great day!

  2. they are in Cadem
    that is where my mom his from
    uncle johnny lives there with three of her other bros.
    have a great day!


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