nick nick nick lachey....

This man is FIIIINE!!! Jessica is a simpleton as B would say. LOL Has anyone read the Rolling Stones ariticle? My heart goes out to him. It is is here Rolling Stone-King of Pain. I feel for him but he will come out on top. Believe that...why do some woman not know a good man when they see it?? If you are reading this Nick send me some love. LMBO...anywho the man is gorgeous!!! MTV will have a special about the making of his new album on Saturday at 12pm and Making the Video of his new single. I will set TiVo. yummy...


  1. I read the article and it's sad, he sounds like he's a perfect gentleman and he was blind-sided by the whole thing. Sad... he is one of the 'nice guys' and of course, like they say, "Nice guys finish last."
    You sure ain't kidding when you said he's gorgeous! *YUMMM!!!*


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