oh so sick....

...home sick with Synai today. This is her with her pop (medicine). This always seems to make her perk up and she is chatting away right now. She wants to know where everyone is from Aunt Bgee, Saadiq and daddy. Just asked where she is {now that she is so persistent I think she is talking about her pic on the blog}. LOL The rosey cheeks are from a fever. This is the second day this week I stayed home with her. I will be glad when all the winter koodies are gone. She is not her self regardless of the pop smile. I know this is my THIRD post of the day. I am out....


  1. Aunt B.G.1:50 PM

    Look at my precious Poopie Doop. I hope she feels better soon because no one likes being sick. I am glad to hear that she is feeling a little bit better. Hopefully, by the weekend she will be cured :) Love her and love you too Vee!

    P.S. Your blog page is really coming along. I enjoy reading it daily!


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