saturday ramblings...

what a beautiful day it was today. I got lots of things done today. It was wonderful running errands in the nice warm weather. First it was off to the gym. I did Zumba which was a total surprise. So happy to see that they added it to Saturdays. I was there for over an hour and then we headed for Target. I got this new console table. I love it and the entertainment is nice too. I think that will be next for the living room. Doesn't Saadiq look cute in that chair. We finished our outing with a trip to the grocery store. The kids love going to this Safeway to ride in the car. So I had to get a picture of them in the car. You know you are a life artist when you go to the store with your camera in hand. LOL I didn't get any scrapping, laundry or cleaning done. I will have to do that tomorrow. Well I may do some lo's tonight. LOL at myself. I love Saturdays but they go by so quickly.


  1. i agree saturdays do go by too quick. your DS and DD look so cute in the car. ;)

  2. thanks Melissa! :)


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