tgif and fun fact friday...

This week's fun Fact friday is to give interesting facts about loved ones, pets or yourself. Here are some more interesting tibits of me. *wink*
1. Love to drink coffee on the weekends
2. Did not learn how to swim until I was an adult
3. B got her undergrad. degree in three years
4. Edwin is in currently in the Metro Police Academy
5. I love roller coasters
6. Love the beach but cannot stand DC summers [so humid]
7. Only applied to two universities in HS
8. Love to live for the weekends.
Peace have a FAB weekend and keep it funKy!


  1. love your fun facts :) I love the beach too..but sadly none here in AZ

  2. Here's my Fun Facts for Friday!

    1. I used to have a pilots licence
    2. My hubby is a Neonatologist
    3. I grew up in Aspen, CO
    4. I am not allergic to poison ivy
    5. My hubby and I are Theme Park Freaks
    6. My dad was Donald Trump's personal helicopter pilot for more than 10 years
    7. I love camels (so dang cute!)
    8. Favorite colour is Orange


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