ultimate RAK....

I am so excited B{my sister}got this for me yesterday. I am so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. She ROCKS on so many levels more than being an awesome sister and aunt to Synai and Saadiq. I am currently waiting on brown to bring this lil baby to me. I hate to wait. :( I was for sure that it would be here when I got to work today. But at last is wasn't. I will be able to make it pink with a iskin cover. How cool is that!!! SO COOL!!! SO wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to my lil sis B!! :) I can't wait to go home a download my songs onto it. Have a new favorite song and it What's Left of Me by Nick Lachey. I played it about 20 times while getting everyone ready this morning. I can not wait for his album to come out next week. Love the song Resolutions as well. Awesome writing and evokes such a emotion from him. Love great songs!!


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