danielle wins ANTM.....

I am so glad she won. The country girl from Arkansas rocked the Fashion show and photo shoot for Cover Girl. B and I were so excited that Joanie did not win as we orignally thought. We saw a spoiler that said she was the winner. WHEW....glad that was false.I liked Joanie but I didn't think she should win. I think the judges picked the right girl for SHO!!!! I can't wait to see more of her as she starts her career.


  1. I agree 100% she's the perfect one for the win. She's GORGEOUS and she's genuine. She has that 'it' factor!!!

  2. Aunt B.G.8:34 AM

    I absolutely adore Danielle. For a minute, I was worried that she wasn't going to win because Tyra was so hard on her about her accent. It's hard to drop a southern accent when you have had for your entire life and she really did try to adapt a more commercial accent. Bless her heart! I know that her mother is excited about her win as well. Who wouldn't be because she did a wonderful job throughout the show and its difficult challenges. Yes, Jade does need to get a clue. Something is off about that girl.

    Vee-"A toot-toot, tut-tut, whoop-whoop!"

    That quote above refers to a particular episode which Jade couldn't recall the correct term for a Thailand's main mode of transportation.

    It's called a "tut-tut" Jade. Repeat it, "tut-tut." I will definitely prey for Jade, matter of fact I will have a moment of silence for her right now.


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