happy happy it's friday...

Friday Blogger Challenge from 2peas
Complete these sentences...
1. I am the happiest when i am spending time with my children, sharing moments with my mom and sister, scrapping and hanging out with friends.
2. 3 of my most fave things to do are: watching people,listening to B's interpretation of life's events,listening to the recap of Saadiq's day and bloggin of course. LOL
3. I feel sad and alone when I think of the loss of my father a year ago. Alot happen in the blink of an eye. Your life can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes. But with God's guidance wounds heal. He is gone in the physical but not forgotten.
4. When I think of my happy moments in my childhood and my family I always feel better.
5. I wish I could fix gas prices to a low price.HEHEHE It is killing my pocket at the moment. I remember back in the day when gas was .97. I know I am dating myself. LOL
6. My fave summer past time is going to the pool and events in DC.
7. One of my most fave things to wear is flip flops and my IF bag.
8. If I could give an obscene amont of money to one worthy cause, that cause would be: Diabetes Association My father had complication of the disease (renal failure) and I have it and know the affects of this deadly disease. I hope a cure will be found one day.
9. My fave all time movie I have seen is The Notebook
10. I admire compassion,empathy,forgiveness and strength in other people.


  1. Hey Vee
    I lost my dad a year ago too. Just amazes me the stuff we have in common. I wish we knew eachother back then, would have been a huge support to eachother I think!
    Have a great friday!

  2. Aunt B.G.4:53 PM

    Gabi is so sweet and you two do have a lot in common. Hopefully, my sister and you can meet this summer. We plan on vacationing in Rehobeth, I think in August. Is that right Vee?

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I am happy, actually ecstatic that it's Friday. You know what that means Vee? We are getting closer and closer to the CRUISE!!!

  4. Oh Hey Aunt B.G! Heard a lot about you thru your sister! She loves you to pieces!!
    I hope that you have a fabulous weekend! I'm jealous.... I wanna go on the cruise too! I'll just have to wait and live vicariously through Vee's photos!!!
    It is amazing all that we have in common... each day it seems there's yet something else!!!

  5. yes B it is in August that we are going to the beach. Best thing about summer is the beach for me.

  6. i LOVE the notebook!!

    and i love that little bucket of prima goodness. gotta get me some of that!!


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