by a tractor trailer yesterday. Can you believe it??? What a wonderful wayto start you morning,,,,
Thank God I wasn't serious injured but talk about being knocked for a loop. I was waiting at a red light (left turn lane) when I feel the impact. I never saw the truck coming. Apparently the driver didn't see the red light and jack knifed. The trailer hit me and then the cab also came at me. Thank God I had just dropped off the children and they were not in the car with me. The would have gotten all of the impact. Needless to say I FEEL like I got ran over my a mack truck today. My back and arm are really sore. But I so very THANKFUL it wasn't worse.
Here is my mom's finished Mother's Day gift. I decided not to add the cover.


  1. Oh my goodness! VEE! I am so glad you are ok!! ( you'll definitely be sore ) I am so sorry this happened!! :( Hang in there, girl!
    We just got our car fixed after hitting a deer. It was $1,360.67 *sigh* I hate cars! LOL!! I hope yours isn't as expensive.. Cars are moneypits that we desperately need for survival.........
    Sending healing thoughts your way!!

  2. So sorry to hear about your accident. I actually just got in one today...weird. I'm glad you are okay...I hope you feel better soon!!

  3. oh no! I'm glad you are ok, and hope everything turns out ok with the car :(

    beautiful mothers day gift!

  4. So glad you are ok!!! What a beautiful gift!


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