hump day ramblings...

I am so glad hump day is almost over. Today has been pretty laid back. I actually did some packing this morning for our vacation.
{insert applause here}LOL!! I am very proud of myself even though I am the last to do so. Brigittee and mommy are already packed. I am getting there slowly but will do a little more tonight when I get home.

*America's Next Top Model comes on tonight
Please let this be the night that trick Jade gets kicked off. Is it me or does the elevator not reach the top floor with her. She needs to get a clue and realize that she is not ANTM. O-K-A-Y

*Three more days until my vacation!!
I know I posted about this already but I need this. LOL I wonder if thier will be any eye candy on the ship. I will let you know when I get back. Not much look at last year on te ship


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