mojo overload...

I think I have mojo overload and need to walk away from my desk. I am on my way out the door because I need to figure out the cover of this project. There is where the mojo oveload comes in. IS it possible to have too much mojo? I started scrapping at 11am this morning and just decided to stop at 5pm. I am going to the gym to clear my mind for a bit. Maybe later tonight I can figure this out. Here are some pages to my mom's Mother's Day gift. As you can see I added some more ebellies to the page I posted last night. I love the finished page. The pictures are from my parent's wedding.
This is the main page of the project.
To the left you see a black page that where I am going to place their vows.

I will post a picture later of what the entire gift looks like in a frame.


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! It brought tears to my eyes it's so beautiful! You've really showcased those gorgeous photos in such a classy way that your mother will CHERISH this FOREVER! The colours here are absolutely complimentary to the photographs and it's perfect. 100% perfect! You really grabbed a hard project and just waltzed through it and sure make it look easy!!!
    I can't wait till you give it to her and be sure to take pictures!!!!


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