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My Favorites

Fave Food: southern macaroni and cheese, pizza,grilled barbecue chicken wings, chicken marsela
Fave tea: plain Lipton ice tea
Fave jam: grape
Fave sandwich: Monti Crisco from Bennigan's
Fave fast food item: Checkers or Arby's fries
Fave appetizer: spinach and artichoke dip
Fave summertime drink: pink lemonade
Fave fruit: pears and grapes
Fave vegetable: squash and corn
Fave indulgence: long bubble baths
Fave pastime: scrapbooking
Fave movie: at the moment Memoirs of a Geisha
Fave thing to complain about: aggressive drivers
Fave color: green and pink
Fave number: 1
Fave TV Show: Grey's Anatomy, Survivor,Prison Break,America's Next Top Model, Real Housewives of OC,Hogan Knows Best
Fave Day: Saturday
Fave Scent: flowers,jasmin,baby lotion and nutmeg
Fave Book: Memoirs of a Geisha
Fave Clothing Item: polo tees
Fave Position: indian style
Fave State: calmness
Fave Season: spring and fall


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