my space {Tuesday 2peas challenge}

What do you have in your scrapbooking room/area/studio - that just makes you HAPPY?
I love my creative space. Love listening to music while I create, love being able to look a tv if I want and love looking at all of my goodies while I create. My ribbon, primas, paper and chipboard make me happy. I love using my supplies to make art for myself and family. I am happy being a creative person. My space is in my bedroom and it makes me happy to wake up and look at my space every morning even when it is a mess. LOL I am happy to have a space just for me. :)


  1. I can totally relate, it all makes me happy too!

  2. I'm too short on space right now to have a space dedicated to scrappin..boohoo!!

  3. ditto to the things that make you happy in your scraproom! ;) I love me some primas and ribbon

  4. I love looking at all my goodies too. Your space looks really cool. :-)

  5. All the color puts me in a good mood. My scrap room is a happy place with 'my stuff' that I love!


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