Studio Friday...sounds

When the children are in my space the television is always on a disney show. They loves the Doodlebops and the singing brings fun and excitement into my space because they are dancing and giggling to the music.

I always have music playing at when I am creating at night. Love to listen to my music on itunes. Somehow the times always escapes because it seems like I am in my own universe.

Saadiq and Synai are not far behind me wherever I am. They are in my space playing, singing or fighting over a toy. They love to be around me especially to get into my stashes. LOL Got this shot of them this morning looking at Jo Jo Circus.


  1. You ahve some cuties! Our TV is also ALWAYS on disney! I too scrap to music...Bob Marley ALWAYS mellows me out to scrap! And a scented candle works WONDERS! LOL

  2. What beautiful toothy grins!

  3. sometimes when I am creating something, I get annoyed at all the noise but then I stop and think about it and would be miserable without it. Isn't that funny?
    My girls are the nicest sound my ears could ever hear!

  4. Aunt B.G.4:55 PM

    Ahhh, they are so cute! I see that Saadiq's tooth is coming in. It won't be long before Synai will be losing her teeth. They are so darn precious!

  5. OH they are so cute and look like they are having a great time, relaxing while Mommy creates! Great take on this weeks theme!!

  6. your children have good taste. haha. the doodlebops rock.

    -- steph*


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