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Blog Challenge: A Memoir I Wanna Read One Day.
I choose Faith Hill because I admire the way she lives her life. She doesn't seem affected by the hype of being a celebrity. I admire that she is a spiritual, effectionate, down to earth woman, wife and mother. Her faith and family comes first with her as to me as well.
I would love to read a book of her memoires of her early ambitions and growth as a woman. Everytime I see her on Oprah I am captivated by her realness. She just seem like one of the girls and a person you could totally hang out with for hours on end. Few people have that quality to make you feel so at peace that you feel like you have known them for years. I also love the fact that she chooses to use her "star power" to bring awarenes to great charities. I love her fashion style as well!! LOL


  1. great answer.. I agree with u.. she's one awesome woman!


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