busy bee...

Yep that's me! Made some changes to the old blogger today. :) I am really happy with this new template. Shows my love for pink and being a girlie girl. LOL This week is moving fast and I am so happy that I have a short work week. Need that sometimes. Hopefully I will get to take some pictures of my family doing everything things. I know I need to scrap more pictures of that. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who leaves me such wonderful comments. I really do appreciate the love.*wink*


  1. Love the changes you made!

  2. Jamillah Taylor4:02 PM

    Very cute....Love the colors!! Very Vee!!

    Have a great short week, wish I could score free passes to a movie. I think DH wants to go see " Waist Deep". Typical guy movie.Love all of your postings.


  3. Aunt B.G.4:27 PM

    I like the changes that you've made, very attractive to the eye.

  4. It's very pretty. On my screen it looks like fine china.

  5. I love it! Wish I could do something like this on mine.

    And I have to agree with Amy, it does look like fine china!

  6. When I loaded your blog this morning I did a double take and thought it directed me somewhere else by accident! I'm used to the dark background and was greeted by caribbean blue and pink! LOVE IT!!!
    ~XO~ Gabi

  7. I love the blue!!! I have wanted to change my screen from black for awhile now, but I'm nervous because I had a lot of white writing...which will not show up on the white background!!


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