commuter woes...

Edit**** It took me three hours!!! But coming home was a breeze. Tisham you WIN email your address please :) I may have to take you up on your offer next time LOL Thank y'all for playing, HAPPY MONDAY
OK...I have to vent a little. Let's just say that every form of transportation except for planes I am guessing is a MESS here! It rained cats and dogs (yes I said cats and dogs...LOL) yesterday all day and last night. The beltway which is a major loop around DC that connects everyone to either 295,95 and 395 to different locations in the DC metro area was closed because of flooding. The metro system is down and my sis B had to get off the train because some of the tracks are flooded and then take a bus to work. Some places in Maryland are flooded and I am guessing Old Towne Alexandria as well. I am not looking forward to my commute home this afternoon. We are forecasted to have more rain today. I guess I will surf canoe to work tomorrow.HEHEHEHE Here are some of the places I could have gone in the amount of time it took me to get to work today:
*Rohobeth Beach in Delaware ( Can't wait to go there in August)
*Richmond, VA
*Hagerstown, MD to the outlets (where my favorite Coach Outlet is located)
*Baltimore MD
*Ocean City MD
OH....if the first person can guess how long it took me to get to this DC landmark I will send you some goodies


  1. Your blog looks great. I love that pic!

  2. The doodles and flowers look great on your blog. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  3. Carol P3:25 PM

    I'm looking out my window and I can barely see the buildings across the road! When will this rain end?? I'd guess that it probably took you about 2 hours to get to work. Imagine how much longer it would have been if schools were still in session!

  4. I will trade you some rain for our 101 degree weather! LOL! It's so hot here that you can't do anything.

  5. 2 and a half hours? That is how long it takes me to get to DC from Richmond :-) You should have just come down here and hung out in my We heard about all the flooding! Crazy!! We have only gotten about two inches today but they are calling for more. Heard they had to shut down the National Archives...eeck..Stay home tomorrow! Or just come to Richmond:-)

  6. wow! Long commute times stink. My husband was in DC last Thurs & Fri was commenting about rain/delays/ traffic. Sorry you got stuck in it too. I say next time you should go to the outlet mall. :-)

  7. oh man that's horrible! I am so ready for this rain to stop, I'm in MD too! YUK! But that pic is great!


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