early riser...

early, early day for me today. Got with the rest of the communters and started my morning at 5:12am. Thanks for the wake up call B, didn't mean to sound rude but dang 5am rolls around fast when you just went to bed at 11:30pm. But at least I will be able to enjoy some daylight with the children today. I think we will go out back and have a bubble evening. The weather has been so nice this week so dar. High's are in the mid-upper 70's. This is my kind of summer. :)
these are the some of the things that were cool and not so cool about my Tuesday:
~waking up b4 sunrise
~not being able to be with Ni and Diq
~Be able to get the best parking spot at work was a bonus
~quiet office
~leaving at 3 instead of 7pm
~enjoyed my cup of joe


  1. Aunt B.G.1:44 PM

    Wow!!! What a beautiful view.


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