"effing" dare...

I finally did my first dare challenge. I am so glad I did. This is the first lo that I have done for my BOM album. I was kind of wierd doing a page all about me. But guess what I loved it. I tried to be a little funky with this page. The dare challenge was to create a lo of your sign. I am a Libra thru and thru. I am more stimulated when I am being creative and artistic,very indecisive at times and love to socialize. Case in point I am riding on endorphins I guess from creating this lo. It is 1:30 in the am. AHHHHH!! Need to get to bed because Saadiq and Synai will be pouncing on the bed in 0600 hours ready for breakfast and wanting to go downstairs. They don't care that mommy has gotten only five hours of sleep. I hope I can stay awake at the advanced screening of "The Devil Wears Prada". So off to bed I go!!!


  1. Jamillah Tayloe10:21 AM

    That is a fabulous layout. Look at you, all fancy!! Love the hat. Great job on the dare, Vee!!


  2. LOVE the layout--good for you, getting your BOM started!

    Hope you can find time for a nap!


  3. Hope you get a nap! Love the doodling!

  4. cute page! I love effer dares! And way to rock it LIBRA. I love being a Libra too! :)

  5. Great layout! I'm sure that your kids will really appreciate having a scrapook about you, the most important woman in their lives. :-) I know I would love to have one about my mom and it is a fun thing to do for yourself.


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