like me....

2 peas challenge~5 things you like about yourself:
1.Affectionate-I love to hug and kiss my family. Especially Saadiq and Synai. They give the best hugs in the world. I guess they get that from their mommy. LOL
2.Creative-I love to creating handsdown. I would never thought I would love this industry as much as I do when I first starting scrapbooking five years ago. I love documenting my life and well as others and having fUn while creating.
3.Open mind- I am very eclectic and love being introduced to different thoughts and ideas.
4.Outgoing Love to meet new people! When giving the opp. I love to go out and have a good time with frieds. I love to entertain as well. Nothing like a good party.
5.Love for life- I love living in the moment and not trying to take things for granted. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone so I try not to sweat the small stuff and instead make the most out of each moment. I love learner more about me each day and embracing my age as a gift. I will be the 30 in 4 months and feeling blessed to be me.


  1. like me....

    Two peas challenge~5 things you like about yourself:
    1.Creativity-I Love that I can pretty much create anything that I see. I have a large variety of creative things available right at the tip of my fingers.

    2. I'm outgoing - I can easily make friends and am not at all shy

    3. Musical - I grew up as the foster kid of a singer/songwriter and his musical genius rubbed off on me. I can pick up and play just about any instrument you hand me!

    4.I'm Spontaneous! I LOVE to just jump in the car and go somewhere. EVEN with 2 kids we still do this occasionally.

    5.Living in the NOW!
    I am very much one who lives in the moment. (See Vee! Another thing in common!) I don't take one second for granted. I am a happy-go-lucky girl with an great outlook no matter what's tossed my way!

  2. LOve your list I may have to try this one.

  3. I love your list and your blog - awesome job

  4. Great list! I admire your positive outlook on life. :-)

  5. love your lists, vee...they always inspire me. I really should play! ;)

  6. those are great qualities! Dana

  7. Your list is awesome! I need to do this...

  8. I love your list!!! This is such a great idea!


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