pictures from the fun ship...

HAPPY FRIDAY...Got some photos back from the trip. Note to time take good camera with you on vacation. I should know this from previous travels that point and shoot is not always the best. I do like alot of the shots!! I have lots of post today so hang tight.:)The above pic was taken while at sea on our return to Miami. Synai was having a ball.

This is a a small beach along the road in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I love this picture of Saadiq and B on the beach in St. Marteen. This island is so beautiful. We love the beach so we lounged there half of the day. We will be going back again next year. YIPEE!!!

I love this picture of Saadiq and I after we left the ship to go to the beach in St. Marteen. My mom got this shot ans I didn't even know it. She points and shoots if you are ready or not. LOL


  1. Looks like you had a great time!!!!!

  2. Oh man I'd like to be on that beach right about now! :-)

  3. I wish I were you right about now! Dana


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