relaxing weekend...

Nice weekend with my mom and sister. The children spent the w/e with Edwin and his family. One of his sisters came into town from CA. I did one lo and then kicked up my feet. I am well rested and starting my Monday out feeling great. Below are somemore pics from vacation. I love the colors in the city (Old San Juan) and this shot of an alley. The other is a beach on the side of the road we stopped at along our tour, a fort along the coast of Old San Juan at sunset and a shot of my dd on the ship enjoying the breeze. :)


  1. Vee...

    Your vacation looks WONDERFUL! I'm wishin' I was there! Your daughter is so cute!! I see you on Gabi's blog all the time so I figured I'd come check out yours now. :-)

    We're both scrapbookers, sister! Nice to connect with others around the world and I sure know what you're saying about lovin' to blog, it's GREAT!!

  2. Oh gosh! Can I come? Looks like so much fun!

  3. Aunt B.G.1:46 PM

    Nai looks so adorable. Both her and Diq really enjoyed themselves this time. I am already looking forward to next year.

  4. OH my goodness what incredible photos!! the one of your daughter... that needs to be a postcard. a print. anything... i love it!! GORGEOUS!! YAY!!

    glad you had an awesome trip!! looks heavenly, will be looking for more photos!!

    happy wednesday!!



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