12-of12 pics...

left my housee for work at 5:20am. My commute is usually better the earlier I leave.

I got to work at 6:40am. I have my fuel for the day so I am ready to go.

Checking out 2peas to see new lo, check out blogs and see what the girls are talking about in The Pub.

Having some fun with self portraits. Try it...just take some photos in front of a mirror! be a superstar!!!

3:15pm on my way home. I pass the Pentagon everyday so I decided to snap a pic from the car. I know not safe to take pic and drive but I never tok my eyes off the road..just one hand off of the wheel. HAHAHA!

We had a thunderstorm and Saadiq and Synai were totally flipping out. So being the mommy that I am I took some pictures. Evidence to how they carry on when it starts to thunder. Should make a good lo.

Dinner is served...salmon cakes and sticky rice. One of our favorites!!

Aiden trying to snag some morsels for himself in the kitchen. He likes salmon too!

Saadiq getting ready to bite into his dinner. I guess all of the crying works up an appetite. Such a good boy already put his jammies on all by himself :)


  1. I LOVE sticky rice!!!! YUM!!!

  2. I love this!!! Great way to show your day... i gotta try my hand at some self portraits....

  3. Ok girl..really I have driven past the pentagon many a time...NOT A GOOD PLACE TO TAKE A PHOTO...lol..I am rolling with that picture of you taking a picture in my head :-) I love salmon cakes!!

  4. Love your self portraits! Looks like you had a blast :)

  5. I love seeing this photo portrait of your day, so cool. This will be so fun to look back on years from now, I have to do this!

  6. Such a great way to document the everyday regime! Your little ones are like mine, they flip out during storms too! M'Kayla is always a complete mess and then if it's at night, it's almost impossible to get her to sleep after it's all over.
    It was fun being on the photo-adventure of your day!!
    ~ XO

  7. What a fun post! I loved reading all the details of your day!!

  8. I know when I cry, I can work up an appetite, especially for salmon cakes ;)


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