no no transpo...

...stuck at home today because on the way to work my car broke down. :( Big bummer especially for my pocket. But have to have a car so that's life the upside I got to work at home. I had a great w/e and was able to work on my vacation album. Since blogger is being a bad boy you can check out the pictures here I hate posting without pics but maybe I can add some later. All these CHA pics are making me so anxious for the new stuff. I hope some will be at CKC Charlotte but I know that will probably a long shot!


  1. Jamillah5:58 PM

    Very cute album, Vee. Love all of those beautiful picture of the sun, water, and your beautiful family. Great job and sorry about the car. I know how you feel about car repair.


  2. sorry about the car, but hey, any excuse to create-especially at home!!!! off to check out your album!! which i'm sure is fab!!!

  3. Sorry about the car.

    You album is wonderful. I must get some of the papers you used. I really like the cover!

  4. great album! you have now inspired me to break out my Jenni kit still sitting on my scrap table and get to work!

  5. Vee, so sorry about the CAR! OUCH! I hate when that happens. Thanks for the info about Valley Forge! Sounds like you were busy!

  6. Ugh.. sorry about the car... what happened? I hope it's not too expensive to fix?~!?
    As for photos on Blogger.... you can bypass this :)
    Get a free account. Upload your photos there, you can even resize them there. There will be 3 different URL links it gives you. Some are for signature lines on forums and email and the MIDDLE ONE is the one you cut and paste into your blog entry. You can place photos in your blog without the worry of whether blogger is having a tizzy fit or not ;)
    Hope that helped?


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