oh so happy friday

SO glad it is the weekend!! I just started scrapping some of our cruise pictures yesterday with Jenni Bowlin's July project kit. It is so adorable, I am using scenic route pp in it. I love their paper and can't wait for their new stuff! The album is mostly of beach pictures from our cruises from the last two years. My kit was returned to Jenni and she emailed me to apologize for the mishap and sent it to me again with some extra chipboard.YIPEE!! You know I was loving that!! She is so sweet and guess what... she is originally from Southern MD. How cool is that?! 2 peas challenge from yesterday was to list five things that make you happy. I think I have done this before but hopefully I can come up with some new answers. MAWAAAH!! Have an awesome w/e.
*spending time with my family
*memories of Nutty Butty night with mommy and B while looking at the Cosby's
*scrappin of course
*peanut butter M&M's
*watching Saadiq and Synai looking at their albums
*no work on the weekends makes me really happy. even if I have tons of laundry to do!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :-)

    Can't wait to see what you're scrapping.

  2. yay for getting some scraping done ;) thanks for doing the challenge


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