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I was home alone this weekend and was able to do alot of scrapping and a smidge of housework done. LOL...but hey I am happy because I even started on my KI Memories album contest. GASP...I know I am getting a late start but at least I was able to crank out four pages. The downside,I still have 16 pages to go but I am loving the direction the album is going. *sweet*. Just need to hop to it and get somemore pictures developed. I did this while looking at some of my favorite movies, The Wedding Date, Saved and Sweet Home Alabama. Now all I need to do is to get my TivO working. She maybe sick and I am so distraught!! I called DIRECTV but they are talking some nonsense that they lease the DVR's now and I may not get the model I have back. I am horrified and my box is about two years old and I love it. I am hoping she will get better so I don't have to trade her in especially when I paid for it and now I will have to sign a two year agreement and the new one will not even be mine. This is a bunch of @#$%. Ok, now I feel a little better. :) I also did this week's effer dare. explaning why I scrap. enjoy your Sunday! :)
ps...i for the to add the journaling but will do it later or you can check out my gallery at 2peas.


  1. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama. I would watch that movie every weekend if I could. And I listen to the CD in my car all the time. My son tells me I need to "get over it."

    As for a sick TiVo... get this: my neighbor's TiVo was sick. It was not "collecting" information, so she could not program (no info there to program). She called the TiVo people and they told her to unplug it and go hook it up at the neighbor's house. WHAT THE HECK? Like she was going to go knocking on doors to see if her TiVo worked. Those things take for freakin' ever to program. I don't think the neighbors would appreciate that. So, I hear you loud and clear on the whole TiVo thing. I sure hope mine never gets sick.

    Oh... and YOU GO GIRL on the album. I'm glad you found your groove.

  2. That is a really cute movie!!!!

  3. I LOVE Wedding Date and Sweet Home Alabama..never get sick of watching either of them :)

    good luck with the KI album contest!

  4. Hi Vee, saw your post on The Red Lily about going to the Charlotte CKC. Are you still planning on being there? Trying to coordinate a meeting with us all.
    Let us know, Haven't seen your name on the posts lately.


  5. Vee, such a great layout! Man, I love those colors together! Good luck with the KI, I still have a long way to go and I'm going on vaca on Friday! EEEEKKK

  6. I was okay not having a DVR until we got one....now I can't live without the darn thing! So much better than useing a VCR to record. I hope you get everything straightened out. Love your LO...I'll check it out on 2peas, too!

  7. isn't it funny how attached we get to those darn tivo/dvr's???? lovin' mine. and sorry all those shows on your tivo were lost, that stinks.
    lovin' your layout, your style.
    and GOOD LUCK with the KI contest!!!! I am rooting for you!!!!!

  8. awesome layout! love, love it!

  9. oh, good luck with the contest, vee! i'm rooting for you!! and this is a super cute layout, so bright and sweet! have an awesome weekend!!



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