studio friday (view from above)...

This week's topic for Friday July 7th suggested by Michelle: VIEW FROM ABOVE!

"My husband and I went flying this past weekend and I had so much fun taking aerial pictures. Amazing what things you see everyday look like from above. It just got me thinking "what would my desk look like from above?" I have a feeling I would find some inspiration somewhere in there!"

It 's been a minute since I have participated in Studio Friday but this is a fun topic. This is a cool way to see your space and I love this viewpoint. I have been busy creating (as you can tell). My desk is a bit messy and I even cleaned up a bit. lol But I like it because it is my creative mess. The second picture is my space from the side where my shelves are. Luckily my desk is the only space that gets the brunt of my mess. I am pretty clean where my shelves and bookcase are. Great topic Michelle!


  1. LOL you have been busy!!!

  2. It's creative genius at work! Our messes are OUR creative genius! Even when we have the messiest desk in the world, it's pretty cool how we know exctly where the tool we need is! :)
    Love your mess! It looks very much like mine used to! Right now, mine is all packed up and ready to move to PA *sigh*
    ps- I have missed you at studio Friday! Glad you're back!!!!!!

  3. Well, your "mess" is the most organized mess I've seen! Great area and I LOVE the big "V" - that is so perfect for you! What are your plans for it? Something great I bet! Keep up the great work!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Neat, no, I really mean NEAT. You are so organized! great space...welcome back.

  5. Wow!!! look at all those goodies!!!! I like your storage drawers.

    Love,love,love your new page decor:)

  6. Looks like a fun place to play and create.......

  7. Great pictures and soo organized, looks like fun to work in your studio!

  8. you work so cleanly! i don't even see mess where you claim mess. :)

  9. what a great space!!! you do work clean! i actually took a picture of a clean area of my studio (not yet taken over by the creativity cyclone) LOL!!!

    Great shots!!! love them!

    Dena :)

  10. You have lots of cool supplies...Nice photos!


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