what day is it?....

felt like Saturday yesterday and now I am all confused and probably will be the rest of the week. Thank goodness it is hump day! Here are some photos from yesterday. Synai,Christina and I went to a celebration in LaPlata to celebrate yesterday. They had an old train there. So cool to walk thru old things and to see how things used to be. I tried to take some cute pics. Saadiq was at Nana's all weekend and he was still there most of the day. We didn't have fireworks last night because we had a thunderstorm. :(...Saadiq and I were not happy campers.
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. What a princess in pink! She's a doll, Vee! Can't wait to see the papers you choose to compliment that gorgeous dress she has on :)
    Wow, we had thunderstorms too... was a bummer of a 4th this year!!
    have a great humpday!

  2. I feel ya....today feels like Monday...ALL OVER AGAIN!

  3. Vee, your little one is GORGEOUS!!! We had storms too! YUK! But luckily it cleared off.

  4. What a beautiful little girl!

  5. I'm confused too. It just doesn't feel right to go back to work today.

    Great pictures.

  6. Cute pictures. Love the name Saadiq!

  7. You sure do have some precious little ones!

    Love the new look of your blog (sorry if I'm a little late on that!).

  8. Oh my gosh! She is soooooooo cute!!!!


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