zoo so much fun...

We had so much fun at the zoo yesterday. I love going to our zoo and guess what? Tai Shan (panda cub) turned one years old yesterday. So the zoo had a birthday party for the little one. We got there around noon and the pandas were asleep. I guess all of the excitement wore them out. I got some great photos and Saadiq had a ball. He loved seeing the cheetahs and gorillas. Synai was afraid of the elephant and apes but loved the giraffe. I think the highlight was seeing the lioness try to get some food that was thrown to her that landed in the water. She is gorgeous and I have more shots of her making her way to the water. It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo with the temps were very mild for this time of year. I am poop to say the least, we were there 4 hours and I am feeling it this morning. I think we will go again before Saadiq's starts school for an am trip during the week so we can see the pandas in the morning (pandas are most active then) and when the zoo does not have as many tourist there. I think we will go to the Natural History museum next weekend. I love seeing the world thru their eyes. Saadiq gets so excited to see things he has learned at school IRL. As you know I can't wait to get these photos into a mini album. I think I snapped over twenty pictures yesterday. I even got a few pics of the children enjoying a vanilla bean creme frap from Starbucks. Gotta start them young. LOL


  1. Great post. I was living there last year when the panda cub was born. It's hard to believe that it has been a year.

  2. I love the zoo, but you're right--I'm always exhausted when I get home, too!

    Great post! TFS!


  3. Vee - your last few posts are awesome! Been too busy to read thru my fave blogs - but got caught up this morning! You "V List" layout totally ROCKS!! I saw that dare go up - and got busy - but I am doing it this week!!

    Now - you have to tell me how you added these cuter than cute pink and green flowery swirls to the sides of your blog page?? Oh my gosh - they are adorable!!!

    have a good one - 12-of-12 is in TWO DAYS...get ready!!

  4. looks like such a fun day!

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have!!!!

  6. great photos! Looks like lots of fun.

  7. Wow! Great photos! Sounds like a fun day. :-)

  8. Fab photos! I haven't been to a zoo in forever, so loved visiting through your photos! have a great day, Cindy Lee

  9. Julie - scrappinfoofoo11:19 PM

    Vee- these pic's are so cute! Looks like you had a great time at the zoo! Your kids are just adorable!


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