he's registered....

I registered Saadig for school yesterday. YIPPPEEE! He starts school in three weeks and I know that time is going to fly by. I should be getting an open house packet in the mail next week. I can't wait to become involved with his school, another chapter in my life begins. I can't believe how times flies, it seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. He will be 6 in two months. I need to get into party planning mode for his birthday. I think I may brainstorm some ideas this weekend while we are at the beach. We are going to Rehoboth Beach, DE Saturday for the day and coming back on Sunday. We are so stoked and I think it is going to be a gorgeous weekend so that is a plus.


  1. Time DOES go by quickly! My middle daughters b'day is in October!

  2. Hope you get lots of first day of school photos. How exciting!

    Have fun at the beach. I wanna go!

  3. Oh, that first day of school is so stressful--but exciting! (I sent my oldest to high school yesterday. Aargh! And, believe me, it seems like yesterday that I was taking her to kindergarten!)

  4. Make sure you take lots of pictures on that first day! It's so cute how the little ones get excited on that first day!
    Have a great time at the beach.


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