a new day...

When making your choice in life, do not neglect to live.
~Samuel Jackson

I love this quote may you read it and become inspired! Update with Tivo (don't you love my transition)LOL it is dead, gone, done-zo!! So DIRECTV is sending me a new DVR. moment of silence for my old box especially since I had like two weeks of Oprah shows on it,Saadiq's movies and B's scfi shows. I hope I can adjust to this new box because I really loved my Tivo box. The new box will be here today or tomorrow. Oh well that's life.

Moving on...it is hotter than hades outside.Temps are going to be in the 100's today! YIKES!!! Saadiq got his last three shots for school yesterday! He was a little trooper and to reward him by his request he wanted some bug juice from 7-11. LOL...why do kids like this stuff? But he was happy none the less with his treat.
Hope you are staying cool!!


  1. LOL! I'll join your moment of silence now. ;-)

  2. Stay cool, sistah! I guess I passed the heat out your way. Sorry about that!

  3. Yes, it's hot. Very hot. BTW, my son loves bug juice. I really think it is the name.

  4. Not sure I could survive one day without my tivo box!!! EEECK!!! I have like 6 Oprahs I need to catch up on! Love that quote!

  5. OMGoodness VEE that is totally the truth about the BUG juice, EWWWW! But my kids love it too! I think it must be the name! LOL Keep cool!

  6. Your car, now your tivo - heat seems to be getting everyone and everything! Love you quotes and your slide show of your "crib" is just great! You must be super woman though - kids, job, talented artist, re-decorating your beautiful house - whew!! I'm getting tired writing down just part of what all you do!! Hang in there - I hope nothing else breaks!


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