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This is a recap of Project Runway (PR)...can I just say I love this show!! :) It is so cool but I have one question...who in the world is Holly Hobby? LOL...the designers were saying they didn't want to be her. I thought it was so funny. Who can tell me?? I had grown to like Angela and was said to see her go but her outfit was horrific. So she had to go and can you say the guest judge in Paris was out the box. She was so on point. She told Kaine he looked ridiculous which he did. I think he will be the next to go. His designs are getting to be real tacky. Jeffrey is seriusly getting on my nerves. I did not like his total disrespect of Angela's mom on the previous episode. I will be so happy when he gets the boot. I liked Michael's design better than his. I hated the pants Jeffrey had on too. To me they look like he was about to get into the wrestling ring with Rick Flair. LOL I can't wait to see what the designers will be doing in Paris. I love having Michael Kohrs back. He rocks!!


  1. Jamillah Taylor2:32 PM

    Holly Hobbie was a doll in the 70's and 80's. She rocked the peasant look and had a bonnet. I use to have the bedroom set. Never had the doll. HTH

  2. Jamillah's right... Holly Hobbie had this gigantic bonnet that hid her face and she always wore a country dress with an apron. I had the bedroom set, too... LOL!

  3. Didn't EVERYONE have HOlly Hobbie bedroom sets?? She had friends, but I can't remember any of their names. But they all dressed the same, peasant-y!! It was cute when we were NINE I guess!!

    Glad the boy survived the first day of school - there's no looking back now mom!!!

    AZ HUGS for you all ..

  4. I was wondering who Holly Hobby is too! I guess I'll have to Google her for a picture.

  5. P.S. I'm crossing my fingers for you today for the KI contests. :-)

  6. Just think Laura Ingalls... that 1880's Frontier look is Holly Hobby. Go check out Ebay and you'll see what the dolls look like. :)


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